Naama Tsabar, Study For a Microphone (variation two), 2014, gaffer duct tape, muslin, epoxy, 193 x 135 cm, unique
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Double face), 2014, mixed media with two guitars – Black & White, 100x35x30 cm, unique
Naama Tsabar, Untitled, light cube, 2004, aluminium pipes and light bulbs, 250x250x250 cm
Naama Tsabar, Love is not enough, 2005, speaker cut in two, 50x25x120 cm
Naama Tsabar, Siamese Dreame, 2005, two speakers, 150x50 cm
Naama Tsabar, Untitled, 2005, installation, led stringed weights and red german velvet, 80x80x80 cm
Naama Tsabar, Encore, 2006, installation, paper, black gaffer tape, iron frame, 3x3.5x2.1 m
Naama Tsabar, Twilight (Drum case project), 2006, 300x600X60 cm
Naama Tsabar, Blue eyes, 2007, a guitar case for a broken guitar made from wood, velvet, artificial leather and a silk scarf, 210x140x7 cm
Naama Tsabar, Untitled, 2009, installation, rubber mats and plastic restraints, variable dimensions
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Babies), 2008. Video, 8 minutes, edition of 3 + 1 AP
Naama Tsabar, Composition 8, 2009, performance with 8 musicians and 8 amplifiers
Naama Tsabar, Sweat (1), 2009, 2 Remy Martin XO Cognac bottles, shelves and bed sheet, dimension variable
Naama Tsabar, Doublecherryburst, 2010, mixed media with two guitars, 30x180x35 cm
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Disaronno 1), 2010, 29x12x7 cm, unique
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Disaronno 2), 2010, 29x12x7 cm, unique
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Speaker Wall Gold), 2010, Mixed Media with bookshelf speakers, music wire, guitar pickups, guitar machine heads, mini amps, 246x122.5x19 cm
Naama Tsabar, Untitled (Double Face), 2010, mixed media with two guitars, 100x35x30 cm, unique
Naama Tsabar, Sweat, 2011, Bed Sheet, Liquor bottles, MDF, variable dimensions
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